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Welcome To The Affiliate Partnership Program for Authors, Book Clubs, Distributors and Bookstores.
Our program is free to join, it's easy to sign up and requires no technical knowledge.

Promote Glasses Tags™ and QuickFind Tags™ by giving FREE bookmarkers to your readers/customers! Bookmarkers have YOUR customized affiliate-id in the Sign Up URL!

Examples: -
You earn a $2.00 commission for each referred purchase of Glasses Tags™ and $5.00 for each referred purchase of QuickFind Tags™! Additionally, you earn a $2.00 annual commission for each Premium membership referral. This commission payment continues for life and NEVER STOPS!
Authors, send your customized affiliate bookmarkers to Amazon or your book distributor to be included FREE with each order of your book. When your readers sign up and make purchases, YOU GET PAID! Distributors and Bookstores, include your customized bookmarkers with all purchases and orders. Book clubs, post your link and our banners on your social pages.
How it works

When you join our program you will have access to your own control panel. There you can create your own custom Referrer ID for customizing your affiliate link. This link can also be incuded in emails, text messages, newsletters, flyers, brochures and other promotional materials for readers to sign up. You can also post your affiliate link or our text and graphic banners on your webpages and social media pages.

Real-Time Statistics And Reporting
Check your statistics, sales, traffic and account balance to see how your text links, banners and other promotional methods are performing anytime in your affiliate panel.
Complete the Affiliate Sign-up Form below to get started. An email message will be immediately sent to your email address with password and login information. Username when you login, will be your email address. Important: Please add our email address "" to your contacts or safe list before completing the affiliate sign up form, so that our confirmation email does not go to your spam folder.
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