Online Fundraiser for Schools, Colleges,  
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Churches, Groups and Organizations    
Owner Contact Service introduces the automatically recurring online fundraiser!
Once funds start flowing to your School, College, Church, Group or Organization, they never stop!
Our Service has 3 unigue features you won't find anywhere else and are as follows:
1. Our program not only accomplishes the goal of raising funds, it also helps to greatly minimize the lost and found problems that many schools, colleges and churches have, by enabling Lost and Found Department personnel to contact owners of lost items immediately either by phone or via our online automated email system. Also included is our FREE Personal Contact Code Service, which enables groups and organizations of all sizes to better maintain contact with members worldwide!
2. Our service incorporates Affiliate Programs set up specifically for schools, colleges, churches, groups and organizations. The above entities receive funds from all that sign up to use the service plus, students, parents, church, group and organization members earn commissions just for spreading the word about the service to others.
3. Funds from our program are recurring. Once funds begin, they continue in perpetuity.
Click below for details and to GET STARTED!